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Romeo and Juliet

20. August 2019, 19:30

Asterions Hus, Dänemark

Asterions Hus erzählt eine der größten Liebesgeschichten der Menschheit. Shakespeare als rasante, bewegende und humorvolle Performance. 24 Szenen, 24 Irrwege und 24 Feste, in denen die Liebe mit ihren vielen Facetten und verschiedenen Enden zelebriert wird. Shakespeares fulminanter Text entfaltet sich in ihren Händen zu tanzenden Würmern, verliebten Sumoringern und einem Schubkarren-Ballett. Ein lebhaftes Spiel mit dem Tod!

Asterions Hus has taken on Shakespeare, and the greatest love story ever told. Out of this comes a moving, fast-paced and humorous performance. 24 scenes, 24 lifegrips, 24 detours and 24 celebrations of love’s many faces and endings. In their hands, the fantastic text of Shakespeare unfolds into worms dancing, sumo wrestlers in love, and ballet in wheelbarrows. There has never been so much life in playing dead!
The performance can be performed in English, German and Portuguese.

Press Quots

”The setup is a concentrate of the unconditional and wonderful first love, unfolding with an expressive power, cash comedy and deeply touching romance”

“In a high tempo they played with feelings, love and death in a captivation and spell-binding way”

“Very, very imaginative, very fast-paced, very funny and very skilled“

“Supervital and glorious acrobatic and full of surprises in the staging. Quick summary, stormy love affairs. Full power on body and Prokofjev-music when Asterions Hus unleash the old ever-current classic.”
Århus stifttidende

“A vital dance universe filled with sweat, soil and raw energy. Every time in a new and surprising way. It is beautiful in a brutal way. Every muscle is stretched to breaking point in the two dancers impressive physique. Strongest is the show when it rises to wellchoreographed and powerful wordless dance in world class.”

Globe Berlin

Sömmeringstraße 15
10589 Berlin-Charlottenburg

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