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  • Jannik Rodenwaldt, Johannes Franke und Uwe Neumann
  • (v.l.n.r) Jannik Rodenwaldt, Matthias Horn, Gina Christof, Lisa Riesner, Mick Morris Mehnert, Sophia Bauer, Uwe Neumann und Johannes Franke
  • Lisa Riesner, Sophia Bauer und Uwe Neumann
  • (v.l.n.r) Gina Christof, Uwe Neumann, Mick Morris Mehnert, Matthias Horn, Johannes Franke, Lisa Riesner und Sophia Bauer
  • (v.l.n.r) Gina Christof, Sophia Bauer, Uwe Neumann, Johannes Franke, Mick Morris Mehnert, Matthias Horn
  • Sophia Bauer und Mick Morris Mehnert
  • Jannik Rodenwaldt und Lisa Riesner
  • Jannik Rodenwaldt und Lisa Riesner

As you like it

Premiere: 16. Juni 2022, 19:30

by William Shakespeare

Several worlds collide in this light-footed and multi-layered comedy: the court with its power struggles and intrigues and the free, communal life in and with nature. In a highly amusing way, Shakespeare plunges his courtly characters into ever new adventures with the so-called common people who live with and from nature. And love, of course, does not care about such differences, but challenges a new, more boundless way of thinking. Thus, all participants are exposed to the most diverse tests and especially the long-established role models are shaken. With rousing musicality and poetry, the production creates a colorful, deliciously biting panopticon of social self-discovery that also strives for utopia and soulfulness.

Le Beau / Phoebe Gina Christof
Celia / Audrey Sophia Bauer
Rosalinde / Knarzwort Lisa Riesner
Olivier / Silvius Johannes Franke
Herzog / Charles / Corin Matthias Horn
Zwackstein / Amiens Mick Morris Mehnert
Frederick / Jaques / Adam Uwe Neumann
Orlando / Willem Jannik Rodenwaldt
Director: Anselm Lipgens
Translation: Christian Leonard
Music: Bernd Medek
Costumes: Claudia Heinrig
Stage Design: Ida Riegel 
First assistant director: Alima Furtado
Second assistant director Dorothee Bühler
PR Ines Schilgen
Grafic design & Marketing Elitza Nanova
Photography Thorsten Wulff


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